Why Choosing the Wrong Interior Designer in Portage, Michigan Can Boomerang On You!

Choosing the right Interior Designer for you and your interior design project is a critical first decision. If you don’t make the right decision, that decision will definitely boomerang on you!

Interior Designer Boomerang is a serious condition whereby you can be hurt irreversibly; both financially and emotionally. Deep regret is often a residual effect.

So many people really do not know how to choose an interior designer. They go by what other people say. They go by what other people recommend. That sounds like a good procedure, but it is terrible advice. Why? Because it can really boomerang on you and hurt you after it’s way too late. It’s at that time, that you will say to yourself, “Dang!, I wish I would have known this beforehand.” Yup, too bad you didn’t know know it beforehand. Now it’s too late unless you’ve got an awful lot of money. That’s the terrible effect of the Interior Designer Boomerang.

It hurts really bad, when your terrible decision boomerangs on you and hits you smack in the head. Many people are not very professional and not very smart when it comes to selecting an interior designer. Why? Because in Michigan there is no licensing for interior designers and anybody, no matter what their qualifications; even if they have no real qualifications, can get in and promote themselves as an interior designer.

Yup, seems like every woman on the planet is an interior designer, as if they were born that way from the womb. Women interior designers are proliferating in the State of Michigan. How many are really qualified, at least by taking the NCIDQ exam? … which stands for the National Council for Interior Design Qualification.

There’s a lot of mistakes made by interior designers without the client really realizing there are mistakes made. A lot of this is due to stupid shows such as HGTV. I personally met two women who were the interior designers on each of the two shows on HGTV. The women in the audience were almost fawning over them. Yet their design presentation boards looked like a kindergartner did it. So, from my professional opinion, they absolutely SUCKED.

It reminds me of the story of a corporate attorney for Meijer, who invited me over to his home in a gated community to see what this female interior designer did. He showed me around and told me of the things that were planned that did not turn out as they were supposed to be planned. He did not anticipate that it would turn out as bad as it did. The Interior Designer Boomerang hit him after the job was done!

I thought to myself, he should’ve fired her! He told me that the builder raved about how wonderful and fantastic she was. But what he told me next I will never forget. He said that the builder after telling him how fantastic she was, never told him that her work SUCKED! That’s the Interior Designer Boomerang effect of listening to someone tell you how great someone is, without doing your own due diligence!

Stupid is is what stupid does. Sorry, but I tell it like it is! I have been an elite professional in this business for over 40 years. So I don’t put up with or tolerate any B.S. I call out the amateurs for what they really are. And I call out people who use amateurs as really dumb.

It’s just like Red Adair said, the famous oil fire fighter, who had a movie named after him called Hell Fighters, in which John Wayne played Red Adair. This is a famous quote from Red Adair, “If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait till you hire an amateur.”

You have to pay a really big price when you hire an amateur. And the net result is … you are the Loser! So if you love getting hit in the head by the Interior Designer Boomerang, then have at it and knock yourself out!

So don’t get hit with the Interior Designer Boomerang. It hurts like heck and will affect you in a myriad of ways. And don’t forget, all those ways are bad. The Interior Designer Boomerang hits you when you least expect it.

No client of Master Professional Interior Designer Steve Adamko has EVER experienced the Interior Designer Boomerang effect, and they NEVER will.

The Interior Designer Boomerang effect is avoided by proper due diligence. The 6 P’s are very appropriate here! Prior, Proper, Preparation, Prevents, Poor, Performance. You need to avoid the Interior Designer Boomerang like the plague! Your life depends on it.

Also asking the Right Questions, to get the Right Answers, is is critical to obtaining the Right Results!

Stayed Tuned for More from Master Professional Interior Designer Steve Adamko in Portage, MI. Steve is also a residential lighting designer, furniture designer, licensed Michigan builder, YouTube creator, and podcaster. His podcast is called Interior Design Beat and is on all the major platforms.

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